Friday, January 14, 2011

Last entry, over 2 years ago, I was what one would call...bitter. So I graduated and couldn't find a job. Who didn't? So I was in debt $20,000 and had no health insurance. It happens. So I was single and sleeping with my personal trainer at a shitty gym down the street from my shitty apartment. It happens. I was young. I was naive. I was working at a restaurant thinking "my life sucks" when I should have been saying... "negative $20,000? not so bad. Free wine and oysters? Not so bad. Thanks to Obama I am covered by Mom's health insurance until I'm 26? I'll take it!" These are the things I couldn't wrap my head around in 2008. I was still riding the wave from college. Now it's a different story. For better or worse, you can decide...

I now live in the North End with my boyfriend Jon and our two dogs Millie (5 years) and Peanut Butter (a miserable 9 months). We met through mutual friends in restaurants. What started as a hook-up turned into a little dog family in a small apartment, a crazy girl (yours truly) who has planned their jewish meets Irish Catholic wedding with no engagement ring and a brand new collection of Lululemon to add to our debt. In all honesty, I couldn't be happier. Still slinging oysters and serving lobster rolls ("hot with butter or cold with mayo?") I work at one of the best restaurants in Boston. Not only am I serving and saving for taxes, but now I am pursuing my dream to be an Esthetician. I am enrolled at the Elizabeth Grady School. I can honestly say, I thought the characters at the restaurant would make a good blog, but esthetics is a whole different beast. I'm talking brazilian waxes, black heads galore, ESL and snickers bars. Oh, and did I mention, more debt?

I came to terms with the fact I would never get the job I wanted in Print Journalism. The Devil Wears Prada was just a book, only Anne Hathaway would land a job like that, and no one gets free samples of Gucci. With that said, I decided I would do what I love most....make-up and facials. Call me shallow, but I think it's my calling. Since enrolling at Elizabeth Grady, I really feel I am where I belong. I mean it hasn't all been smooth sailing, I can't lie. The whole brazilian waxing threw me for a little loop when I found there actually ARE people out there who have never shaved or waxed down there EVER other than my mother. Oh, and I can't forget to mention the idea I cant shave any part of my body while attending school until designated "waxing days" was a make it or break it deal. But everything else, like popping black heads, exfoliating, steaming, massage and make-up is so much fun to me. I'm right where I should be. Another $5,000? Put it on my tab.

Let's just say today I gave my co-worker his first facial. For Christmas Santa brought me a steamer, loop lamp and esthetic table. Little did I know, I would be performing my first back wax tonight. Two months ago I gave my 14 year old cousin his first eye brow wax. Between the 36 year old who never saw herself without a power bush, a 14 year old who never knew he had two eyebrows, to a man who never thought he would see the skin on his back again, I'm changing mens lives with each rip of wax. I will share my life changing stories and I promise, it will be before two years have passed.

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